About Us

Indeed the principal focus of Supertots is to enable each child to have “quality beginnings”.

Supertots Educational Center, Inc. opened its door to families in Jersey City on September 18, 2002, then in September 2010 Supertots II Educational Center, Inc was born.  Supertots Educational Center, Inc provides Pre-School, Infants and Toddlers and After School services, while Supertots II Educational Center, Inc provides Pre-K, services for local working families with children.  The Pre-K program otherwise known as Abbott is free for children who turn 4 years by October 1of the current school year. Our Day Care and After School tutorial components are also complemented by supervised recreational activities. SEC program offerings are designed to be affordable for low to moderate-income families residing within our tri-county service area.

Supertots’ performance history has been characterized by trust, quality, and qualified professional staffing devoted to a safe, caring, clean and stimulating environment. This essential criterion defines Supertots’ operational priorities.

Indeed the principal focus of Supertots is to enable each child to have “quality beginnings” at the outset of life that will help to nurture personal growth and development as well as chart their individual dreams. We, therefore, believe that the weeks and months each child spends at Supertots represents meaningful cycles of time essential to the building of good character, cognitive development, emotional growth, fine and gross motor skills and social values.


Supertots is located in the historic Greenville section of Jersey City at both 158 and 167 Sterling Avenue, is rapidly growing into one of the city’s most outstanding institutions serving seventy-seven youngsters and working families.
Supertots are licensed by the State of New Jersey under the Division of Youth and Family Services that oversees the operations of both address locations with periodic quality assurance inspections.

Supertots is an expanding institution whose youthful registrants are demonstrating impressive advances in learning development such as vocabulary building, math calculations, and reading through storytelling.

 We are proud of our achievements and pleased to have received so many expressions of public praise over the years. Supertots is genuinely committed to the goal of helping families provide the best for their children through educational preparation that only quality Child Care Centers can uniquely give.

Supertots Educational Center provides a secure, loving and stimulating environment for all of our students as individuals and as members of our broader school society of peers, teachers, administrator and parents. We adapt our program to best serve the needs of every child as an individual as well as the child's needs within a group of children in acquiring appropriate social, emotional, physical and cognitive experiences. It is absolutely necessary to have qualified and experienced staff for us to be able to offer a high quality program. We implore parental involvement and cooperation in the development of their children.

Mission Statement
Indeed the principal focus of Supertots is to enable each child to have “quality beginnings” .

Supertots Educational Center's ultimate goal is to be able to create and maintain the safest, the most caring and the most stimulating environment where your child can develop his or her natural desire to learn.